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A Piece of New Orleans History

English Turn is named after the historic location, here on the Mississippi River. At the end of the 17th century, one of the founders of New Orleans- Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne (also known as Bienville) was exploring the area where he, his brother (Iberville) and their group of men had claimed in the name of France. Bienville and two canoes of men followed the bend of the river and came upon an English frigate. Not wanting the ship and its crew to come any farther, Bienville and his men gladly informed the captain of the ship that the land was already under control of the French and that they would defend it with plenty of firepower (that did not exist) upstream. Luckily, the English captain believed the lie, and turned the ship around. That bend in the Mississippi has been known as English Turn ever since.

Picture of map of Mississippi River in 1931